Design On Request - explained!

These are original vintage patterns that I begin to trace when ordered by you.

Each pattern is prepared individually; it is not drawn in advance. Therefore a little more time is needed for these types of orders, which can vary between 4 to 14 working days depending on our current workload.

Importantly, if the order will take longer than 14 working days to complete I will contact you to discuss a suitable time frame. In fact, tracing the design only begins after I have contacted you personally to make sure that you’re aware of the current time schedules and pattern format.

You can choose to have the pattern printed and posted to you, or receive it as a digital-PDF pattern, which obviously avoids the postage, however, you will need to organise the printing.

These very unique designs are sometimes supplied without step-by-step sewing instructions; however, the original information translated from German, and any special notes that I observed during the tracing, are included. If you require step-by-step sewing instructions, however, then that will add time to preparing the pattern. We do provide a link to our collection of vintage sewing books (both German and English) that will help you with techniques.

Other great feature of ordering a design this way is that you have the opportunity to decide if you want seam allowances or not, or perhaps request a different width of seam allowance than the standard 1.5cm (5/8”). You may even ask to have the printed pattern pieces cut out in advance.  These are the personalised services that we provide different to other vintage sewing pattern sellers.

Why do we do 'Design On Request' ?

Firstly, because there are many magazines in our collections and often it is difficult to decide exactly which design to work on.  This process also helps us identify what designs are currently interesting to our customers.

Our team is constantly discussing whether or not people will like a particular design, or is it unique enough to standout from the thousands of other original vintage and reproduction sewing patterns available elsewhere. Importantly, we recognise that clothing tastes and design preferences are a very personal thing…

Secondly, leaving designs ‘out of sight in the back room’ (so to speak) also represents so many wasted opportunities, because ‘that’ garment might be the perfect one to satisfy somebody's sewing needs - be it a glamorous gown, knickerbockers for the next Tweed Run or perhaps a rare gem for a specific re-enactment role. 

Languishing in my basement cataloged for prosperity is fine, but it’s so much better if these designs can be brought to life again!

How can patterns marked as 'Design On Request' be purchased?

There are two methods.

First, if the design is featured in our Pattern Shop then you can purchase the pattern directly through the Checkout Cart. You will need to select what format you would like to receive the pattern in; either as a paper pattern or a Digital-PDF.  I will then contact you within 24 hours to tell you how long it will take to prepare the pattern and ask if you have any other special requirements regarding seam allowances or cutting out. It's that easy!

Second, (and this one is a bit harder sorry) if the design is featured as an image within one the magazines in the Gallery then you need to first identify the design's number and the magazine's title and send that information to me using our Contact Us form. If you cannot read the small print of the numbers, then consider including a screenshot or page number because these will help me locate the design and then we can work from there.

I recognise that this is not the easiest way to shop for a vintage sewing pattern, however, getting all of these designs online in an instantly 'buy-now' format will take us decades and there is still no easy software/shop format that functions in the way we dream about. Some of the best things simply take time.

We hope you spend some time in the Gallery to get some inspiration for your vintage designs, be it just colours, fabric accessories or simply for fun!

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