We are retracing the footsteps of past designs so you can recreate garments to wear forever

We wish to add to your sewing inspiration and keep past techniques alive and at your finger tips!

What do we do?

We, that is Rebecca, Inga and Maritha, are combining our skills and sharing our extensive collections of original Vintage German Pattern Books: 'Slow-Made in Germany'  (Rebecca) provides a range of digitally traced original patterns as either downloadable PDFs or as printed paper patterns, and 'Everlasting Art Design' (Inga) provides individually hand-traced paper and made-to measure drafted paper patterns.

In contrast to many over simplified repro-vintage patterns, which are often re-drafted by a computer from a few estimated cardinal points, our patterns are an accurate trace of the original pattern pieces, line-by-line, point-by-point. Although many patterns remain as single-sizes, this means modern computer auto-grading and re-sizing have not changed the original details of the design. Importantly the original information stays on the pattern and is not reduced to symbols that you need to look up elsewhere.

These original patterns rarely came with any instructions. Many dressmakers at the time where trained to use a range of techniques, rather than following dot-to-dot steps, therefore they could construct and decorate nearly any design in the ways they wanted.

Naturally, people need different levels of sewing help and some want none at all. Initially many designs will be released without sewing instructions and this will be made clear in the sales description. For each design, we include all the original information we can find, as well as providing an additional 'Guidelines document' which discusses some considerations before you sew a particular design and contains an Internet-link to a large number of freely available sewing resources to help you. Don't be afraid to take on a challenge!

Sewing is truly a ‘learn by doing’ experience.     Ubung macht den Meister!

We recognise you want to sew vintage inspired garments that are truly authentic, or maybe a ‘one-off’ design that nobody else has. Perhaps you need a garment for reenactment events from a certain year or specific purpose. Whilst not all of our patterns can be downloaded immediately you can consider this a place to get unique patterns that are often otherwise unavailable. If you are searching for something special, you can also use this form to contact us.

With currently 3800 catalogued pattern books, dating from 1898 to 1975, we have access to a large part of garment history. Our mission is to preserve these patterns for the future, and in doing so, also engage in an adventure through our European cultural heritage that encompasses fashion and social change. Providing patterns to you funds our research and the tasks of curation and preservation. We are a small team based in Germany, Latvia and Finland.

We also organise the 'Vintage German Pattern Books' Facebook group, so come join us and chat with our members,

and there is also our

'Vintage German Pattern Books-Tradingmarkt' Facebook group, where you are welcome to list your magazines to sell.


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