1931 Vobachs Frauen Zeitung

Presented for you are 24 editions, which is approximately half of the editions published in 1931.

Designs from these editions are available on request; if you see a design you would like to have traced for you, as PDF-pattern or as a paper pattern, here is what you need to do. Please note the design's number (usually underneath or close by the picture of the design) and the magazine's number (shown in RED in the bottom right corner of each title page) and send me a message via our 'In Search Of' contact form. If the number is unclear, you are welcome to send a screenshot via email to [email protected] or message us on Instagram @slowmadeingermany_patterns.

How will I know if the design I like is my size or not?  In Vobachs magazines, the original bust sizes are coded from Gr 0 to Gr VI, which represents a range of bust sizes from 88cm (34.6") to 120cm (47.2"). A size table is shown in the album for each magazine, it is placed on the page that follows the fashion pages of each edition.


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