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Slow Made in Germany Vintage Patterns

We are constantly adding to our range of original-sized traced patterns from our Vintage German Pattern Books.

We provide sewing patterns in two formats:

1) Paper patterns ready to send directly to you, and

2) PDF downloadable patterns to print yourself.

The majority of our patterns are available to order immediately, however, there are some designs that require drafting or tracing 'on request'. These 'on-demand' designs take between 3 to 12 days, depending on complexity and our current workload, to complete.

Now we are developing galleries to show whole editions of some of our favourite vintage pattern magazines; most importantly, if you spot a design in them that you really like, then you can order a pattern to be traced for you on request. 

Bespoke hand-traced patterns by Everlasting Art Design, where all pieces have been individually hand-traced, labelled and already cut out ready to use are another source of our Vintage German patterns and need to be ordered separately.

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With many catalogued pattern books, dating from 1894 to 1975, we have access to a large part of history. Our mission is to preserve these patterns for the future, and in doing so, also engage in an adventure through our European cultural heritage that encompasses fashion and social change. Providing patterns to you funds our research and the tasks of curation and preservation. We are a small team based in Germany, Latvia and Finland.

If you are looking for a pattern from a specific year, season or for a specific purpose, then you are welcome to contact us via our 'In Search Of form.

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