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Good things take time. Passionate about slowing down our busy lives with fabrics and thread. We provide a range of rare and authentic sewing patterns traced from our vintage magazines, from which you can sew unique garments that you will treasure forever! Whilst we are a new company, each month we keep adding designs, so sign up for our email list to see the new items and keep in touch.

How to search our Pattern Shop

Our collection is organised by decade, and as the number of designs increases, we will add more specific design categories. The largest display of available designs is shown in the PAPER PATTERNS By DECADE shop category, and if a PDF version of a design is already available, then a link to the PDF Pattern will be given in the listing. If you are only searching for PDF patterns, then you can proceed straight to the Digital Patterns By Decade shop category.

Withing each shop category, the designs have been organised by year; the most recent years appear first, therefore you gradually proceed back through time. Enjoy!

The majority of the patterns are available immediately, however, there are some newer designs that still require drafting or tracing 'On Request' and these designs take between 4 to 14 days to complete, depending on complexity and our current workload. For more information, read our 'What is Design on Request?' article.

Now we are developing galleries to show whole editions of some of our favourite vintage pattern magazines; most importantly, if you spot a design in them that you really like, then you can order a pattern to be traced for you on request.

Bespoke hand-traced patterns by Everlasting Art Design, where all pieces have been individually hand-traced, labelled and already cut out ready to use are another source of patterns from our Vintage German Pattern Collection and need to be ordered separately, please contact us for more information.

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